30 Chic Braid into Ponytail Styles That Will Spice Up Your Look

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The stunning art of hair braiding can be traced back to ancient times. In such eras, different styles of braiding were enough to signify ones social status, and wealth and in African countries, different tribes could be identified by their different braiding styles. In the modern world, though braiding has evolved to be a more universal type of style, it still retains all of its intricacy and beauty.

Sleek hair pulled back into intricate braided designs is thrilling to see. From three-strand braids and French braids  to Dutch braids and fishtail braids, these quick and easy styles can jazz up even the simplest of hairstyles, such as a ponytail.

Wearing a braid into ponytail style ensures that you’re able to jazz up your simply pony while keeping all of that hair out of your face. This style is perfect for school and less-corporate jobs where you’d like to keep your hair back while still keeping it cute! It’s time to stop thinking of ponytails as ‘lazy day’ hairstyles. Here are 30 ideas for chic braid into ponytail styles that are sure to spice up your look.

Upside-down Braided Ponytail

braid into a ponytail hairstyleSOURCE

This simple braided style is perfect for a laidback day at school or a relaxing day out with friends. A three-strand braid braided upward from the nape of your neck into a high ponytail is all you need to recreate this killer look.

Intricate Silver Fishtail into Low Ponytail

amazing braid into ponytail hairSOURCE

This is no ordinary fishtail braid! This stunning silvery hairstyle includes a large, thick fishtail with interlocking twisted rolls of hair and combines them into a low, messy ponytail.

Blonde Braided Mohawk into Ponytail

dutch mohawk ponytail hairSOURCE

For a cute and playful-looking ponytail, this single-braided mohawk is perfect. A loosely braided three-strand braid is pulled into a lovely curly ponytail for this style. Highlighted hair spices up this look to make it simple yet striking.

Messy Side-Braided Ponytail

dutch fishtail braid into a ponytail blonde hairSOURCE

Here’s a look for the girls with thick hair. Say goodbye to dull and boring ponytails – this tousled look involves a side fishtail braid into a low side ponytail. For that extra appeal, you can separate a few pieces of hair to frame your face and bring out your features.

Casual Dutch Braid into Ponytail

dutch braid into low ponytailSOURCE

For another simple look that’s far from ordinary, this loose braid into a low knotted pony is a great hairstyle. Dutch braid your hair from your hairline to the base of your neck and wrap pieces of hair around your ponytail to secure it well. Voila!

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