30 Chic Braid into Ponytail Styles That Will Spice Up Your Look

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Double Twists Braid into a Low Pony

double twist braid into low ponytailSOURCE

This style is more of a twist into a ponytail than a braid, but it adds the same charm and spice to your ponytail style. Twisted from above the ear straight down to a few inches from the end, this double twist style is both trendy and classic.

Double Side-Braid into a Messy Ponytail

double side braid into low ponytailSOURCE

If you’re skilled at braiding, then this style is definitely for you. Starring a stunning wide fishtail braid and a cornrow braid, this messy hairstyle is the epitome of creativity.

Two loose Braids into a Ponytail

double dutch braid into a ponytail hairstyleSOURCE

Kim Kardashian’s double-cornrow style became somewhat of a trademark for 2016, and here’s another take on it: a double Dutch braid with a ponytail twist. Instead of braiding the Dutch braids all the way back, gather them into a ponytail at the base of your neck.

Dark Highlighted Braids into an Ombre Ponytail

double braid into low ponytail hairSOURCE

If you have ombred hair, this style works best to show off that dye job. Loosely braided three-strand braids meet to join a thick, beautiful knotted ponytail. Your peek-a-boo ombre highlights will make this braid an impressive contrast of dark and light.

Chunky Dutch Braids into Ponytail

double braid into braided ponytailSOURCE

Similar to the Double Dutch braid into a pony style, this look combines two fully-braided Dutch braids and adds them to a ponytail for this chic result.

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