30 Chic Braid into Ponytail Styles That Will Spice Up Your Look

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Single Fishtail Braid into Ombre Ponytail

cute braid into ponytailSOURCE

Ombre hair shines again with this gorgeous ponytail style. For hair that goes from dark to brown and then to blond, this style is ideal for making those colours blend together and pop.

Neat Side Goddess Braid into a Side Ponytail

crown braid into side swept ponytailSOURCE

If you prefer neat, put-together looks over messy ponytails and loose braids, here’s a look that’ll satisfy your taste: a compact goddess braid leading into a side-swept low ponytail.

Chunky Side Braid into a Simple Ponytail

braided crown ponytailSOURCE

If you’re looking for a quick, simple style that’ll let you get out of the house in a few minutes, this chunky side braid and simple messy ponytail is simple to do and can be recreated in less than five minutes.

Intricate Basket Weave Braid into Ponytail

zipper braid into low ponytailSOURCE

You’ll need a lot of braiding experience for this one! This stunning basket weave middle braid shows tons of skill. If you can’t do a braid like this, don’t worry! Ask someone to do it for you or turn to YouTube to learn it yourself.

Multi Waterfall Braided Hair into a Low Ponytail

waterfall braid into side ponytailSOURCE

Added to the list of styles you’ll definitely need a YouTube tutorial for, this multi-braid style creates the impression of ocean waves. A low pony makes this hairstyle a fashionable combination of complex and simple.

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