30 Chic Braid into Ponytail Styles That Will Spice Up Your Look

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Three Braids into a Knotted Ponytail

three braids into ponytailSOURCE

If double braids aren’t your thing, then triple braids might be! This cool Dutch braid style is different and edgy, and is perfect for a great first impression.

Crisscrossed Dutch Braids into a Simple Ponytail

sling braid into ponytail hairstyleSOURCE

Reminiscent of the milkmaid braid hairstyle, this cool winding hairstyle is definitely a head-turner and shows that you’re not afraid to try new things or pump up your style.

Mini-Braid into a Messy Twisted Ponytail

simple cute braid into ponytailSOURCE

Are you a lover of mini braids? You’ll adore this style – a small mini braid peeks out amidst tousled hair and a half-twisted ponytail. Don’t be worried about being too neat. The messier, the more charming!

Mini Braid into a Sleek Ponytail

simple braid into low ponytail hairstyleSOURCE

Fancy a mini braid with something a bit more polished? This sleek mini-braid and low pony combo is conservative yet lovely – great for corporate jobs and other strict environments.

Stunning Side Twist into Ponytail

side twist braid into ponytailSOURCE

Symmetry is overrated – for a daring look, a side twist on only one side of your head makes for a fashionable result when pulled into a sleek pony.

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