And Just Who Could Resist the Temptation of Feria Ombre?

Wait until you get the L’Oréal Paris’ Féria Wild Ombré (or simply call it Feria ombre), and then we’re talking about you thinking that you have done enough with the current ombre look you have. What’s so good about this product? The product’s most beneficial point is that with it, you can create your very own ombre hair looks DIY-style. So using this, you will be able to spare yourself from the painstaking errand to the salon just to find out which color to use next. So, there’s that. You can save much more time and energy (green movement, anyone?) wasted and required to take you from home to the salon, but if nothing else, it’s a sure thing that you will find more excitements once you find out that it will only cost you $13 to bring this product home.

If for all this time you can only imagine how to get ombre hair just exactly like what Lea Michelle or Jessica Alba sports, you can now materialize the dream by employing this product. After all, L’Oréal (and perhaps myriads of other hair product brands, too) is constantly putting out new lines of product every now and then to provide people with the chance of making their hair looks better, be it in shape or in colors. So then why not taking this advantage and put it on good use for yourself, right?

Feria Ombre kits


Variants of Feria ombre

Okay, so, going deeper down, there are three groups of this product, divided based on the colors they serve its users. You can take number 080 if you want your hair to become light-medium blonde. If you want a bolder look, go for number 070 which serves you dark blonde-light brown/strawberry red. You have medium brown hair? Then pick number 060 up for it enables you to change your hair into darker brown or auburn.

For application, you need to first disentangle your interwoven hair. There is not hair interwoven? Good, then we can proceed to the next stage. Divide your hair into two parts right from the middle of the line down to the back of your neck. Bring the two parts forward and using the special brush coming along the package, take some of the solution and apply it onto the hair vertically if you want to create a smoother feel or horizontally if going bold is what you are aiming at. As the Feria ombre works better if you apply it as far away as your face, so try to start applying the solution at the hair part parallel to your mouth.