Creating Blue Ombre Hair Without Going to Salon

The problem with blue ombre hair is: nothing. Whatever blue we’re talking, be it light blue, dark blue, electric blue, or purplish blue, there’s nothing resembling a problem with that. Most celebrities go blue for the ombre hair looks they sport. It’s a way for you to convey a bold statement that you’re not afraid to go eclectic and that you’re someone with fearless individuality without caring so much for what anybody else says. However, you have to do it with full precautions. Why? Because once you have made a wrong move, the flaw will require a painstaking and thorough process to revert the hair into the original shape.

Steps in Creating Blue Ombre Hair on Your Own

blue ombre hair


Here we’re going to talk about how to dye your hair blue the ombre style. What you’re going to need are listed below:

– Hair bleach product.

– Blue hair dye of any brands.

– Aluminum foils.

– Brush. This is used to help you apply the developed solution onto the hair. It’s usually included in the package of hair dye product but if there’s not one inside the package you buy, you can always use your unused comb instead.

– You may also need some clothes wrapped around your shoulder to prevent the solution from staining your shirt.

blue ombre hair

How to apply it:

1. Comb your hair so that interwoven hair can be disentangled.

2. Put on the clothes to cover your shoulder.

3. Apply the bleaching onto half the shaft of your hair until it becomes way lighter in color. Bleaching the hair can help neutralize the original color of your hair into becoming light enough so that the blue dye can reach its maximum shine.

4. Wash your hair with shampoo to flush away the remaining solution. You may need to also apply conditioner to the hair to keep it away from damage.

(If you already have natural blond hair, these 4 steps can be skipped altogether.)

5. Pinpoint where you want the gradation to start. Tip: Start from the point where your hair shaft parallels to your mouth.

6. Take the foil; put it along the hair you want to color to prevent it from staining yourself or other strain of hair.

7. Start applying the coloring solution and wrapped the colored part with the foil. Tip: Part the hair into several pieces. This will help you color it easily.

8. Wash your hair thoroughly to flush the remaining solution.

9. Flaunt your newly self-made blue ombre hair.