Curly Ombre Hair – Celebrity Curly Ombre Hair

Curly ombre hair has become a new trend for a lot of world class celebrities. Some celebrities apply curly ombre hair for their hair because this type of hair can help them to get a stunning and gorgeous look. It is proved that this type of hairstyle is an interesting hairstyle which can is suitable for almost every type of face shapes. Among of those celebrities who have curly ombre hair are Hillary Duff, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Bilson, and Cristian Serratos. You can use their hair style to get your perfect ombre hair.

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Hillary Duff Curly Ombre Hair

Among of those celebrities, Hillary Duff curly ombre hair is the most stunning hair style. She styles her hair with an ombre hair in curly texture nicely. The colors of ombre hair are the combination of black hair, dark brown hair, and a little bit of blonde hair. She got her hair blacked for the root to the ears, it is about four inches. She blends the black color with the dark brown color in 8 inches long. Then she added blond color in the tips of her hair. This colors combination was falling perfectly without a flaw.

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Cristian Serratos Curly Ombre Hair

Another perfect ombre curly hair is performed by Cristian Serratos. She textured her hair with a well texturize curl. What makes this hairstyles spectacular is the perfect colors blend throughout her hair. The combination of black, dark brown, and gold color is perfectly blend up. It is because she put the black color only for an inch from her root. The dark brown and golden colors are applied in turn on every dent of her curly texturized hair. She also added the blend in her dramatic curly bangs. This hairstyle is really recommended for your curly ombre hair.

Spiral curly ombre hair style

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