Diy Ombre Hair – Easy Ways to Dye Ombre Hair

Diy ombre hair has become a new popular hair style for a lot of women nowadays. Some women might think that this hairstyle is very extreme that they do not want to apply it in their hair. They are afraid that this kind of hairstyle cannot be fit with their looks. But in fact, this kind of hair style is almost fit to any kind of hair and faces. At a glance, you might see some women apply this kind of hairstyle look a little bit weird. But that will not happen if we go through proper steps.

Observing Suitable Diy Ombre Hair

The very first step that you should take before make your own diy ombre hair is finding out a suitable style and color for you. You can search for some pictures of women with that hair style that you can see which one is the most appropriate and suitable for your hair color and your face shape. So you can decide how many diy you want to have, whether its two tones or three tones.  Second step is choosing a good hair dye. Because most of hair dye contains of strong chemical substances, make sure that you are not allergic to any of that substance.

Diy Ombre Hair

Drying and Dying Process to get Diy Ombre Hair

The third step of making your hair ombre is to dry your hair. You should put 80% of your lightning serum to your hair, but make sure it does not touch the serum. Leave it for 70 minutes to move to the next step, the dying process. You should part your hair into some sections to makes sure the make the dye can be throughout. Blends the two different colors you use for your hair by running your fingers throughout your hair to get perfect diy ombre hair.