Everything is Ombre – Ombre Obsession

Ombre Obsession – Rocking Your World

One of the hottest trends of recent times has to be Ombre Obsession. What started as an ultra chic hair dyeing technique has spilled over into other areas of fashion and home arts/crafts and taken on a whole new dimension. The dyeing technique that creates these stunning color gradients from light to dark is actually quite simple to implement and almost anyone can learn to create these visual marvels at home.


Ombre Obsession Fashion & Accessories

You can choose to rock the ombre look with some of the most eye-catching T-shirts, blouses, tops, denim jackets, dresses, scarves, tank tops, sweaters, beanie hats and jeans. Dip dyed clothes are massively popular with their fluid color tones and cool fades that add elements of fun and unique visual accents to your everyday clothes. Even wardrobe staples such as jeans, cut off shorts, and tights can be transformed into avant-garde pieces of fashion. There is little doubt that dip dyeing can add a touch of flair and creativity to your normal everyday clothes.

Ombre Obsession

Several leading jewelers have added design lines that pay homage to this ombre obsession. Using an eclectic mix of natural stones such as jade, opal, onyx, cat’s eye, quartz, mother of pearl, pyrite, along with traditional metals like brass, silver, and gold, a range of jewelry is available that recreate classic dip dye effects.

Ombre tote bags/hand bags are available in a variety of color combinations. These bags are strong, trendy, and offer multiple uses. They are great for carrying heavy objects or can be a cool accessory if you are hanging out at the beach or at a poolside party. The process of making ombre bags is incredibly simple and involves dipping them in liquid dye. Popular materials include natural fiber fabrics such as canvas, linen, or cotton.

Ombre Obsession at Home

Ombre nails have also achieved immense popularity, because it is a quick, inexpensive way to showcase your individuality and unique sense of fashion. If you have a ton of nail polishes lying around at home, then this effect is easy to create. Simple select your 5 favorite nail polish shades that belong to a similar color range and make your personal nail art statement. You are not just restricted to using nail polish. Tutorials are available on the internet that can help you create some visually spectacular nail art using glitter and gel polish.

The dip dye technique has also been incorporated by furniture makers to provide uplifting, appealing designs that can add new life to your home. Chairs, dressers, lampshades, desks, and drapes are just some examples of furniture and home accessories that have received a modern, colorful update through simple dip dyeing techniques.

Ombre has even invaded parties. Party planners utilize ombre themes and accessories to add verve and personality to their events. Ombre wedding cakes, cookies, cake pops, candies, and macaroons are indicators that this trend has not escaped the food industry either.

There are a lot of DIY (do-it-yourself) manuals available online, that allow you to celebrate the Ombre Obsession.