Guidelines On How to Reverse Ombre Hair Color at Home

Though ombre hair color is the latest trend of hair fashion these days but there comes a time when you get bored of your ombre hair and hence you can take the advantage of reverse ombre hair color. You would question yourself that how to reverse ombre hair color at home. With this technique you can again give a newer look to your hair and prevent it from appearing monotonous. Reverse ombre hair color as clear from the name itself is the opposite of ombre hair color.

Creating A New Style Statement With Reverse Ombre Hair Color at Home

Everyone of you would like yourself to look different from your peers so that you stand out from the rest. But needless to say that you would also like to look fashionable. Here in this article we would be throwing emphasis on how to get reverse ombre hair color at home and attaining a completely different look from your ombre hair color. But before that you should understand the difference between ombre hair and reverse ombre hair color. In Ombre hair the roots are colored with the darkest color while the tips start getting lighter with each progressive layer. However when you reverse this you will get a lighter shade at the roots and a darker tinge to the tips.

A slight change is enough to create a different look and give your hair a fresh feel. Many celebrities these days are trying out this new hair coloring technique to give them a fresh look.

Stepwise Tips On How To Reverse Ombre Hair Color At Home

How To Reverse Ombre Hair Color At Home

It is not always necessary for you to go to a salon and spend hours of your precious time there in order to get your ombre hair reversed. Rather it is very simple and you can easily do that in the comfort of your home. All you would require to begin with reverse ombre hair color at home is the shade that you would like to use on your hair.

Firstly, and most importantly for reverse ombre hair you should retain the natural or the original color on the top while you should begin treating the tips. You should divide your hair into 3 equal layers. Apply the hair dye of the color you have chosen for your hair on the tips and leave it to stay there for the maximum time in comparison to the other parts of the hair. Leave it for some time and then proceed to the next step.

Secondly, proceed towards the second layer or the middle portion of the hair and apply the hair dye. Let it stay there for some time. But make sure that you do not disturb or over touch the tips that have already been dyed.

Thirdly, leave the topmost layer as it is without being touched. Thoroughly, rinse and wash your hair. Let them try and you will be all set to flaunt your new look with those ravishing hair color logos. Now that you know how to reverse ombre hair color at home you should also know that it requires very less maintenance in comparison to its counterpart. So go ahead and try out the reverse ombre hair color.