How To Get Beautiful Ombre Hair Like Lea Michele?

Ombre hair style is catching up. This style can be adopted not only on the wedding day but also for your romp performance. If you are looking for a great style and got bored of traditional styles, you can go for Ombre hair style, the favorite style of Lea Michele. If you would like to transform your hair into multi-colored hair with great contrast which also gives rich look, you should go through the following lines.

There are a number of fashion oriented ladies who would like to adorn themselves with beautiful attire, jewelry and make up. However, most of them will not jump so easily with their hair styles because of some sort of fear. If you are fashion oriented and want to turn your hair like great celebrities, you are not required to visit great saloons but can accomplish the task yourself quite easily. There are a number of DIY kits available through offline and online. Thus, turning your long hair will not be a rocket science anymore and you have all the possibility to be in the limelight with your Ombre hair decoration.

By going for Ombre hair coloring technique you can amplify your hairstyle as well as your overall beauty. This is one of the hot trends in the market. Even if you are trying to color your hair for the very first time in your life, you can go for Ombre hair style.

Michele Lea Ombre Hair

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If you are using the same base color as mentioned in the above picture, you can go through the following steps to turn your hair into Ombre style.

You should divide the hair into two parts measuring 4” above the ears. The partition should be 6” from the base of the neck. Except the central portion, the remaining portion which will be on sides and on the rear end should be taunted at moderate levels. In this way, you will treat long hair follicles with thin tendrils at the bottom. You can use mix of 40v peroxide with the bleach that you would like to highlight. You should ensure that peanut butter color consistency prevails over there. You should use gloved hands and should prepare balls of the size of a golf ball and you can gently apply them at the tendrils to get the smoothing effect. Now, you should apply the bleach gently into the hair. You should continue to apply the bleach until you are stopped by the teased pad. The hair should be left in the open air so that bleach will stick to the hair and the color of your hair will turn into honey from black. Thereafter, you can rinse your hair. You can apply shampoo and conditioner so that you will be ready with your dream Ombre hair style.

There are number of techniques to achieve Ombre hair style. You should arrange the hair into different locks and should be patient enough to hold them separately and apply the bleach in a systematic way. Thus, you can enjoy your Ombre hair style and you can steal the show.