How to Get Rid of Split Ends Without Cutting Your Hair


Do the ends of your hair seem to frizz no matter how much product you put on them? Do oils and conditioner do nothing to soften your hair – does it still feel rough despite your efforts? If this is so, then it’s likely that you’re suffering with a major case of split ends. ‘Split ends’ refers to a form of hair breakage that causes the ends to split into two. These split ends become more noticeable as they travel up the hair shaft, and ultimately lead to breakage. You might be surprised to find these pesky split ends on your beautiful tresses, but there are a few common ways that we contribute to them without even knowing.

type of split ends hair

One thing’s for sure – split ends are an eyesore.They ruin the look of any style you try to create, and completely change the look and feel of your locks. Youronce-shiny and soft hair is now dull and rough. Here are the main causes of split ends:

  • Daily wear-and-tear
  • heat, colouring and other harsh processes
  • dryness

Now that you know why you’ve got those split ends, you’re probably wondering what you can do about them. Technically speaking, you can’t get rid of split ends or remove them by any other way but cutting your hair, but if you don’t want to do that, there are several ways to greatly reduce their appearance until your hair grows out. You don’t need any expensive serums of magic split end sealers – here are four ways how to get rid of split ends from home without cutting your hair.

  1. Deep condition

If you moisturize your hair but still find yourself with split ends, you may need a weekly extra boost of hydration to get your hair feeling soft and smooth again, and deep conditioning is perfect for this. Deep conditioning for as little as half an hour every week or even twice a week can restore fullness and moisture to dry, rough hair. Though the split ends will still be there, your hair will look and feel a lot smoother and healthier.

  1. Lay off the heat

If your split ends were caused by heat use, then continuing to use heat is a death wish. If you’re used to flat ironing every week, it’s time to put down that flat iron for at least a month or two. Overuse of heat sucks up the moisture from the hair shaft, which only makes split ends more and more visible. If you’re a heat junkie and you’re looking for a way to eliminate those split ends at home, staying away from heat may be the easiest and most effective way to go.

  1. Try a hot oil treatment

Oils have the ability to soften, moisturize and smooth hair. If you’ve got a head full of split ends or even only a few, oils can help curb frizz and add shine to your dull-looking hair. Tip: argan oil is one of the best oils for frizz control, and it’s extremely non-greasy. Once you don’t use much, you’ll avoid that greasy look while loving your new frizz-free locks. Just a drop or two on wet hair can work for your entire head, depending on your hair length. It’s that simple.

  1. Be gentle with your hair

Handling your hair as if it’s invincible is one of the biggest contributors to damaging it. Your hair is only as healthy as you make it. If you constantly wash your hair by rubbing the ends of your hair together, tease your hair or regularlycomb out your hair with a fine tooth comb, you can create these annoying split ends quite quickly. Try to treat your hair as if it were the finest silk shirt. Wash it gently, handle it carefully and comb it out with a wide tooth comb or your fingers. You’ll see it stay healthy a lot longer.

Though there’s no hope in really getting rid of a split end on your own without cutting it off, you can definitely regain healthy-looking and beautiful hair by following any of these easy guidelines to get rid of split ends on your own.