How To Ombre Dye Your Hair Temporarily

As you may already be aware, ombre dyeing hair is the latest trend in the world of hairstylists that has taken the world by storm. A bunch of celebrities can be seen sporting this hairstyle in many red carpet events. Are you yearning to have the very same look and yet are scared about permanent dyeing of your hair? Well then, we have great news for you! You can have ombre hair temporarily and can do it all by yourself. Just follow these easy steps and you will have super chic ombre hair temporarily and can razzle-dazzle your friends at an upcoming party.

Using The Chalking Method

For you to have ombre hair temporarily you would need some chalk pastels that are soft. You will find them at any art store near you. However you need to ensure that it is indeed chalk pastels that you are picking out and not oil pastels for your hair. Brands recommended by beauty experts are Senellier or Schmincke, both these brands are good enough and you can really go out there and pick out a whole host of pretty colours you would like to see in your hair.

Make sure you have a towel wrapped around yourself, because you will have chalk dust all over. You may also place a towel on the floor, to avoid cleaning up a mess later. Now choose the section of your hair that you want to have the ombre effect on. Now with the help of a paper towel twist the section of the hair that you want coloured and begin to rub the chalk downwards. It is much like painting, and can you have to continue with the process till the colour gets all absorbed into the locks of your hair.

The good thing about ombre dyeing temporarily is that you can use as many colours as you want. Just make sure that the colour is really deep at the tips of your hair. That makes the colours stand out real nice. You can be really experimental with colours when you are using this chalking method for ombre hair temporarily. Either you can use colours of the same family or you can pick out a few strands and have a contrast colour if you so wish. At the end of the day your hair will look real rad! Once you are done chalking, just apply some hair spray and your ombre hair is ready to stay on at least for a day.

ombre hair chalking method

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Precautionary Measures  

However, do remember that though this is a temporary method of dyeing your hair, it can still dry out your hair, so make sure you have shampooed and conditioned your hair properly before you get all experimental with chalking! If you are a blonde do not use any water while chalking, but for those who have hair of a darker shade, you can wet your hair at the ends before you begin the chalking process. Once you have ombre dyed your hair temporarily, choose an appropriate outfit that will compliment your hair tones and you are ready to hit the party circuit!