Ladies, Meet Feria Wild Ombre

If you want some suggestions about what to do to your hair this weekend, take wilde ombre and be as bold as you love to be. This is not the time you want to hold yourself back. You want to be recognized by many, don’t go for something so subtle everyone can barely ever see it, then. You have to be brave and Feria is more than prefect to accommodate your needs. L’oreal Paris Feria Wild Ombre provides ranges of color you may want to give a shot at if you wish you could somehow turn your hair from ‘so-so’ to ‘there-you-go’. The purpose of applying the ombre hair style is to create gradation and this can be shockingly beautiful to smoothly transitioning. If you want to go for the former, then use combination of colors that highly contrasts each other. If it’s the latter you want to achieve, maybe you may want combinations which do not change from one to another so abruptly. Example one: if your hair is fairly light blond, apply shocking blue dye to half part of it. Example #2, if you have slightly darker hair, use hair-dye product with color that is higher a notch in tone. Experimenting with colors is the lifeblood of ombre hair style. So, don’t refrain yourself from hues and tones and mixing them all, girlfriends.

The Pros and the Cons of Wild Ombre

Feria Ombre kits

So, we were talking about this Feria Wild, weren’t we? Yes, if for all this time you may have to go to the salon to get your hair done in ombre style, now you can instead use the money to buy a product which grants you the same effect (if not more) with what you will get from the salon. It’s cheap—the price, not the quality. With only $12.99, you shave off the price of professional service and use the rest of the money for anything else, like… for a dress that complements the hair, perhaps?

Also, the hair will look and feel much healthier if you choose to use the product. Don’t get it all wrong, though, we all love what professionals do to our hair, but, admit it, sometimes your hair may get damaged after repeatedly treated in the salon, right? Probably, just probably, there is only a little chemical involved with this product. Again, don’t take word for it. This is just an opinion made by personal observation.

The formula is easy to mix, but this doesn’t make it any more different from others. You just need to put the dye solution into a container and mix it with developer. And that’s all there is to it.

The only thing that this product lacks of is that it has somewhat limited shades. Wish that Feria wild ombre could somehow expand their color selection.