Say Hello To The New Instagram Trend : Two Buns Hairstyle

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Double Buns With Glamorous Curls

grey two buns hairstyleSOURCE

Here’s another take on the half-up half-down style. If you’ve got long hair, curling the half of your hair that’s down can create a glamorous style that gives you that fresh-from-the-salon look.

Fishtail Braids Into Low Double Buns

fishtail braid into two buns hairSOURCE

To recreate this unique style, braid your hair into two loose fishtail braids at the base of your hairline. Then, to complete it, roll each fishtail braid up and around itself to form a loose bun, securing your buns into place with hairpins.

Knotted Double Buns

knotted double buns hairSOURCE

To give your double buns a touch of edginess, knotting them instead of rolling or wrapping them is always a great choice. Simply fold your hair as if you’re forming a vertical loop, then wrap the hair horizontally around the base of the loop and you’re done!

Cornrows Into Two Buns Hairstyle

cornrows into two buns hairstyleSOURCE

In an ode to traditionally black hairstyles, these cornrows are the perfect way to show your appreciation for another culture while rocking gorgeous double buns at the same time!

Playful Twin Buns With Glitter Roots

twin buns with glitter rootsSOURCE

In this hairstyle, two killer trends are combined to create one incredible result. If you’re feeling to change up your style a bit, these striking buns along with a dash of glitter on your roots is the way to go!

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