Say Hello To The New Instagram Trend : Two Buns Hairstyle

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Classic and Simple Double Buns

classic and simple double buns hairSOURCE

Not feeling to get all glammed up? That’s alright! With double buns, you have the option of going super chic or super chill, like the beauty in this picture. Either way, you’ll be looking your absolute best.

Two Buns With Gorgeous Locs

double buns natural curls hairSOURCE

If you’re rocking dreadlocks, whether they’re sister locks, free-form locks or any other style of locks, you can do double buns too! The texture of black hair stands out beautifully in this look.

Mini-braided Twin Buns

mini braided double bunsSOURCE

If you have straight hair but want that textured look, mini braids are ideal! For a half-up half-down style, braid your entire hair and then undo the braids on the rest of your hair that will be down. You’ll be left with cute little crimped locks.

Braids Into Two Buns Hairstyle

double braids into double buns long hairSOURCE

Two simple braids pulled back to form double buns are an awesome twist on this hairstyle. If you have ombre or highlighted hair, your colour contrasts make this style pop nicely!

Upside-down Braid Into Cute Twin Buns

double braid into twin bunsSOURCE

We’ve seen normal braids into double buns, but how about upside-down braids? Make this style your own with this twist on the classic braid!

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