Say Hello To The New Instagram Trend : Two Buns Hairstyle

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Ultra-messy Double Buns Hairstyle

ultra messy double big buns hairSOURCE

For this glamorously messy look, make your buns as loose as you can, and don’t worry about forming them too perfectly. You can pull a few pieces of your hair down at the sides to frame your face and make your features stand out!

Grungy ‘n Edgy Two Buns Hairstyle

cute twin buns hairstyleSOURCE

Similar to the plain messy bun, these double buns are done haphazardly and loosely. For a fun and unconventional pop of colour, use some brightly coloured ribbon to wrap around the base of your buns – be sure to wrap the ribbon loosely, or it won’t show!

Minnie Mouse-inspired Double Buns Hair

minnie mouse inspired double buns hairstyleSOURCE

Recreate the famous Disney mouse’s big-eared look by forming large buns instead of small or medium-sized ones. Any hair colour can pull this look off, but coloured hair gives this style a magic that’s perfectly in tune with the Disney magic behind the character of Minnie.

Loose Pastel Twin Buns Hairstyle

cute loose pastel twin buns hairSOURCE

Keeping with the pastel hair trend, these messy double buns are elegant and laidback at the same time. Experiment with colours and see which pastel shade looks best on you!

Twist n’ Roll Twin Buns

cute double buns with bangSOURCE

For a sleeker double bun look, twist your hair and then roll it around itself. If you have bangs, here’s the perfect opportunity to let them shine!

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