Say Hello To The New Instagram Trend : Two Buns Hairstyle

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Cute Embellished Two Buns

cute double buns hairstyleSOURCE

We all love hoops as earrings, but these beautiful golden hoop embellishments are the perfect hair jewelry. Just a few of these can turn a simple double bun hairstyle into an eye-catching look.

Flower Twin Buns

Cute double buns hairSOURCE

Rolled and knotted buns are beautiful in their own right, but take a look at these intricate flower-like double buns! To recreate this look, make a ponytail first, then take sections of the ponytail and fold them back to form the ‘petals,’ pinning as you go!

Princess Leia-inspired Side Buns

cute double buns black hair with bangSOURCE

At the first glance, this double bun hairstyle is strongly reminiscent of Princess Leia’s iconic hair from the Star Wars movie franchise. It’s incredibly easy to do, too – simply form two large buns right at your ear. You can jazz it up with bangs or leave your face bare … it’s all up to you!

Perky Double Buns With Hair Jewelry

cute boho double buns hairSOURCE

Tightly rolled double buns and a subtle hair accessory are the key to this look, so if you’re giving it a try, don’t forget to spice up your hair with jewelry that’s gonna stand out!

Braids Into Low Twin Buns

braided twin buns hairstyleSOURCE

Here’s a beautiful and classic look! These simple ombre braids wrapped into low buns are great for more formal events. If your hair is its virgin colour, you can even rock this style at the office!

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