Say Hello To The New Instagram Trend : Two Buns Hairstyle

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Rose Braided Double Buns

rose braided double buns hairSOURCE

Similar to the flower buns, these rose buns are made by carefully wrapping braided hair around itself to form a circle that resembles the petals of a rose.

Futuristic-looking Twin Buns

blue short hair with double bunsSOURCE

This metallic-looking green colour probably reminds you of one thing – aliens! With this colour and style, you’ll be sure to be the only futuristic hairstyle in the room!

Fiery Double Buns Hair

big double buns colored hairSOURCE

This stunning mixture of browns, reds and oranges make your hair look like its aflame – forget the buns. The colour alone is all you need to stand out!

Vertical Braided Double Buns

vertical braided two buns hairSOURCE

Who said double buns had to be side by side on either half of your head? Step out of the box with this vertical double bun hairstyle that suits any hair colour and texture!

Star-spangled Double Buns Hairstyle

twin buns glitter root hairSOURCE

Here’s another addition to the glitter roots trend: glitter decorations! These stars aren’t too big or too gaudy – they stand out just enough to make you look twice!

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