Ombre Hair at Home is Easy and Exciting

Ombre hair at home is not exhausted and frustrating thing to do. You can get ombre hair simply at home, without going out to the salon and spending a lot of money for it. The process might look complicated and difficult, but once you do it, you will find out how easy get an ombre hair at home is. There are only few simple steps that you should go through to get your ombre hair. All of the steps do not require any help from professional, except if you have very sensitive hair and need to have a consultation with some experts before.

Preparation Steps on Getting Ombre Hair at Home

First step to start your ombre hair at home process is choosing a hair color. Try not to choose permanent hair coloring, because it can possibly make your hair color difficult to be changed next time. It will be better if you choose semi permanent hair color. Find a color which is darker than your natural hair color. After that you can start to put the color in your root with brush or any other utensils and leave it for five minutes.

Ombre hair at home
Prepare your kits and hair color

Application Steps on Getting Ombre Hair at Home

Next steps on getting ombre hair are application steps. Make four sections in your hair, two sections in the back and two sections in the front. Start with your back part by coloring the roots to the middle parts. Make sure you blend the color blend well. It can be done by adding water in the place where the two different colors meet. After that you can leave your hair for at least 5 minutes and wash your hair after that. By following those steps, you can easily get ombre hair at home.