Ombre Hair Color Trends 2014

Hairstyles seem to change faster than the seasons sometimes, yet the ombre trend is still very popular. “Ombre” is a French term that refers to a gradual shading effect. Gone is the old notion of covering your roots to provide an even tone, as ombre styles are essentially the complete opposite of this technique. Ombre colored hair can either have dark roots that gradually lighten towards the end of the hair, or the reverse effect of light roots with dark ends. The contrasting colors can either be subtle and natural, or dramatic and contrasting.

Because the color is usually only applied at the end of the hair, using a technique known as balisage, it is easier and safer on the hair. It makes for a relatively low maintenance look, and is perfect for busy clients who can’t make it to the salon regularly. This year, the trend is still going strong and can be spotted almost everywhere. Several celebrities have opted for the trend, and since the ombre concept can vary greatly, there’s a myriad of ways to personalize it.

 Ombre_hair_color_ideas_2014 rihanna

Rihanna, known for her ever changing hairdos, has sported a natural and flattering version of the ombre trend. The natural tones gradually shift, which highlights her eyes and brings out her cheekbones. Tailoring the ombre style to compliment your facial features can be a perfect way to get the look and still be conservative.

beyonce_sleek_straight_ombre hairstyle_with_bangsImage

Unlike Rihanna, Beyoncé has recently had a more dramatic version. She turned the style upside down, sporting light roots and chocolate brown ends. This unique take on the classic style is a hot ombre hair color trend for the rest of 2014. The stark color contrast is visually stunning and draws attention directly to her eyes.

Many other celebrities, like Nicki Minaj, have opted to jump on board the ombre trend in a more funky and playful way. Mixing a variety of colors of the rainbow, and applying the colors in a gradient pattern is also a hot trend for the remainder of 2014. Starting with a bright hue on top, like pink or yellow, and gradually changing into a darker shade like blue or purple, is a common effect for the ombre style.

Whether opting for a subtle look, or creating an eye stopping kaleidoscope of colors, one of the most important parts of creating a vibrant ombre hairstyle is keeping your locks healthy and moisturized. Because the color is most likely going to be applied only to the ends of the hair, it’s crucial that there are no dry or split ends to make the color look dull.

There are natural ways to create 2014’s ombre hair trends. Wearing a hat while in the sun will help lighten the exposed hair and keep the roots darker. This produces a subtle effect that makes your hair appear faded. Ombre hair color is flattering on almost all face shapes and is easy to maintain.