Ombre Hair Colour Ideas For Mommies

So you are a busy mom running from pillar to post looking after your kids! But that is no reason why you should not look cool and be in with the latest trends in hair styling. One great way to look fashionable and trendy is to ombre dye your hair. Ombre is term borrowed from the French by the hair world. Ombre means shaded. Many celebs are seen sporting the ombre dyed look these days.

Suits every woman

The great thing about ombre dyed hair is that it suits every woman. All you have to do is pick out the right shades and you can sport a super cool, sexy look! Whether you think you are pale skinned, light-eyes or dark skinned cool toned eyes there is an ombre hair colour idea that can work out just perfectly for you. The thing you need to remember before you go ombre is that you have to pick out the shades that you think will not only compliment your skin tone, but also go perfectly with your wardrobe choices.

ombre hair for mommies

ombre hair for mommies

ombre hair for mommies

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Hair colour ideas

Here are some ombre hair colour ideas you mommies can consider. Those ladies who have a fairer skin tone may go with golden tones of caramel, blondes that are subdued or even an ashen tone if you want to be a bit bolder. This will compliment your olive coloured skin very well. Ladies who have darker skin tones, consider deeper shades. For instance you may try out copper, cool ash or deep reds if you really want to go bold. These darker shades will do wonders to your skin tone and enhance your look.

Since ombre hair colour is essentially about hair that is darker at the root and gets progressively lighter till it reaches the tip, you may even consider getting it done absolutely naturally. All you have to do is expose the tips of your hair to direct sunlight, while keeping the crown of your head covered by wearing a hat whenever you step out. However this is a method that is likely to take several months before you achieve the desired effect.

If you would prefer to get the ombre effect immediately, you need to dye your hair. You need not visit an expensive salon to get your hair ombre dyed. You can do it at home yourself. First you choose the shade, and begin by parting your hair in the middle and dividing it into three sections. Begin dying your hair from the tips and do not touch the roots. Keep the colour on for at least half an hour, and then begin with the mid section and let it sit out properly. Now in order to emulsify the ends of your hair, add a little water to dilute the colour. Keep it like this for another five minutes or so, and your ombre dyed hair is ready to be washed. Once you wash your hair, you are all ombre dyed and ready to dazzle the world with your sexy hair!