Ombre Hair Extensions – Picking the Right Hair and Tool

Ombre hair extensions owe their fame to women who love their natural hair so much to damage it will chemicals and drastic haircuts, yet still want to look different with different locks and hues. Ombre, or dip-dye technique, is a process of making and coloring a hair extension yourself before wearing it. It is a good way to experimenting with different colors without coloring your own hair. Making and dyeing your own hair extension are also great to obtain the most suitable hair extension type for your hair. Here are some tips to create ombre hair extensions at home with easy to find tools.

Hair Type for Ombre Hair Extensions

To create ombre hair extensions, you need to obtain a package of human hair that is often used to make wigs or hair extensions. Remember, the hair that you obtain must have similar textures with your own hair so it will not look strange on your head. One hair bundle can make between 6 to 8 hair extension clips depend on the length that you want and the size of your head. Real hair bundle makes great and natural looking ombre hair extensions, and you can even create two kinds of hair extensions from a bundle if you measure it carefully.

Great Colors for Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre hair extensions should look as natural as possible when they mix with your hair, so the best color choice is your natural hair color. However, if you want to be a bit bold, you can buy mix hair colors that are in one shade group with your natural hair. For example, light blonde shade goes with darker shades of blonde, while warm caramel color and hazelnut are great with dark hair. Using bright, ‘fun’ colors such as pink, blue and violet are matter of taste unless you really want to go ‘crazy’ with your ombre hair extensions.

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