Ombre Hair Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching Method: A Simple Step You Should Take Before Going Gradated

As ombre hair is a style emphasizing on the play of color gradation, the very first step you should take prior to anything else is to prepare the hair so that it is ready for dye application. Although applying color gradation onto the unaltered hair may still work out, the best result can only be ensured by firstly lightening the natural color of your hair. Lighter-colored hair provides stronger basis for subsequent coloring better than applying the product directly to the hair. Also, this is also an act of correcting the previously colored hair, especially when your hair was formerly dyed in all-over way. Without correcting it first, the best combination or gradation of color would not be achieved and your attempt to update your style will be proven futile. To prepare the hair before ombre-dyeing it, you do not have to go anywhere else but right at your home. The ombre hair hydrogen peroxide-lightened is a method so simple that you do not have to spend any bucks whatsoever to start applying the color afterwards.

Method Ombre Hair Hydrogen Peroxide

To the ombre hair hydrogen peroxide method of lightening, precautions are still an inseparable aspect you should take. You should take note on the usage of the substance so that it will not damage your hair instead. Also, this method may work best on some people but may not result in anything to some other as hair types are different from person to person, so there is not a way telling that this is the best solution to take. This is only to suggest you another way to prepare your hair before ombre-dyeing it. What you will need is, of course, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide; pick the one that is food-graded so you can minimize the risk of damaging your hair. Grab also some baking soda, a bowl to mix the substances, a brush to apply the mixture, an aluminum foil—if you plan on lightening only some parts of the hair, a plastic cap—if you are going to bleach all of the hair, and it is highly recommended for you to wear a shirt that is old so you can just take it away after application, just in case if the mixture stain the shirt throughout the process.

ombre hair hydrogen peroxide

Mix the hydrogen peroxide with baking soda until the mixture of pasty composition is created. The mixture should be fluid enough for easy application but not too thin it drips every time you move your head. If you want to bleach the hair altogether, you can just apply the mixture evenly. But if you intend to do it in parts, separate the hair into sections and apply the mixture to those sections only. Simple tips: if you have lighter natural hair color, don’t let the mixture being applied to your hair more than an hour. Also, apply some heat to speed the process up. Avoid your scalp from coming into contact with the mixture to prevent discomforts. And last, wash your hair as soon as it has turned lighter, just perfect to your liking. Longer application will eventually bleach your hair more than what you expect. Afterwards, the ombre hair hydrogen peroxide lightening method is complete and you may start applying color gradation immediately.