Ombre Hair Inspiration : Subtle Ombre Hair

Are you bored with your hair color? Do you want to try something a little different to add a little color to your style? Why not try the hair color option that the ladies of Hollywood made famous? Try a subtle Ombre hair color.

What is Subtle Ombre Hair Coloring?

It’s a simple color idea that will give you drastic looks and it works with any hair style you have. It doesn’t matter if you have short hair or hair to your knees. It will just look good on you.

The subtle Ombre hairstyle comes from the French word Ombre which by definition means shaded like a gradient. This style of hair can also be called surfer stands. To create the subtle Ombre hair style think sun streaked and simply choose two colors to start. You may choose a light brown and dark brown or black to blond. The only important thing to get started is to make you have one dark and one lighter color. Once you have settled on your colors, use the dark color up closer to your head. You want the roots to be darkened so that your hair color blends from dark to light as you get toward the ends. Ideally, you will end up with half the length dark colored and the other half lighter.

subtle ombre hair

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To achieve the perfectly sun-kissed streaky look that makes subtle Ombre hair styles shine, you simply need to use the Balayage technique. It’s a complicated word for the simple process of sweeping hair color onto your hair by using a paddle. You put the color only where you need and want it as oppose to all over coloring at one time. Using the paddle gives you much more freedom and control over the colors because you are basically painting your hair color on. More control means that some strands of your hair can have darker color from the roots to one point on your hair. Then with the next section you can take that darker color and make it go closer to the tip or closer to the roots. It will prevent you from ending up with a bowl of color wrapping around your head if you vary the color line.

Will it Look Good on You?

As long as you have the two colors and at the end of your coloring you end up with sun bleached hair you have done well. It’s a great style if you want a fun and flirty look.
If you want to see the look before you try it out on yourself, have a look at the various stars who love the look. Some of their color variations are:

Katharine Mcphee subtle ombre hair

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Subtle Ombre hair style can be seen on Katherine McPhee because she starts out with a medium brown and fades out to a lighter golden brown color at the tips.

jessica biel ombre hair

Jessica Biel wears her locks very dark brown at the roots and flowing into a blond.

sarah jessica parker ombre hair

Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair goes from medium brown into blond.

cameron diaz subtle ombre hair

image :

Cameron Diaz keeps it simple by starting at the roots with a light brown and blends it into a dark blond.

drew barrymore subtle ombre hairimage :

While Drew Barrymore opts to go from almost black at the roots to bright blond on the tips.

There are many other variations of the same idea. How you want your hair to look is up to you. Don’t be afraid to play with colors to achieve the subtle Ombre hair that will look good on you.