Ombre Hair Loreal Review

ombre hair loreal

L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombre promises a unique hair dying experience. Transporting the glitz and glamour from the hottest fashion runways in Paris to a bottle, L’Oreal promises to bring you a bold, new way to dip dye your hair.

There are 3 types of Wild Ombre Kits that are available. Wild Ombre No 1 is meant for women with a natural hair color ranging from Light Brown to Dark Brown. Wild Ombre No 2 offers a specialized dyeing experience for hair that ranges from Dark Blonde to Medium Brown. Finally, Wild Ombre No 3 is primarily meant for use with hair that falls within the Blonde to Dark Blonde category.

This is a particularly interesting hair dyeing product because it works by imparting a unique lightening effect that is exclusive to hair tips and the lengths, which results in a visually stunning dip dye effect.

The LO’real Wild Ombre Kit

Essentially the kit includes 2 creams, the Lightening Crème and Developer Crème, as well as the Lightening Powder and Conditioning Shampoo. Other components found within the kit are the gloves, applicator brush, and an instruction manual. It is well worth reading the detailed manual to get a better idea of the dyeing process.

Wild Ombre Application Process

Before starting though, the best thing to do is prepare your hair by splitting it down the middle at the back. The 2 parts may be pulled forward over your shoulder. This essentially makes it easier to brush the dye through your hair.

You can start by uncovering the Developer Crème bottle and adding the Lightening Powder to the cream. Open the Lightening Crème tube and squeeze out the product into the Developer Crème bottle. Reattach the cover of the bottle and shake thoroughly to make sure that the 3 products are well mixed. The crème bottle cover includes a small nib at the top, which should be removed at this stage. This is important because it allows the pressure within the bottle to be released safely. (There is every possibility that the product may foam slightly when this nib is removed, but this is perfectly normal.)

Make sure you wear the gloves from the kit before squeezing out the dye onto the applicator brush until it is completely covered with this foam.

Start by applying dye to the lower sections of your hair working your way up till you a reach the point where you want the ombre effect to start. Allow this section to rest for 5-10 minutes, before working on the next section. Use the brush to spread the dye evenly and to make sure you achieve an even height on both sides. You can use your hands for the final section to make sure the dye is evenly distributed.

Allow the product to sit for 25 – 45 minutes (in total) before rinsing off with warm water. Follow up with the conditioning shampoo that adds softness and body to your hair and you are ready to face the world with your glamorous, new ombre hair.