Ombre Hair Technique – It’s Not as Difficult as it Looks

Ombre hair technique is favored by many women because of two things; they can experiment with new hair colors without really sacrificing their natural hair colors, and the right color combination can create unique look on hair even with only a little hair coloring. If you are a hairstylist, you may be a bit afraid of executing this technique because of its perceived delicacy. However, if you understand the basic of ombre hair technique, it can become your main selling point at the salon and even a profitable service (you can charge it with slightly higher price since it is more time consuming than regular coloring).

Moisturize Hair is a Must for Ombre Hair Technique

As oppose of the regular hair coloring process, expert hairstylists usually avoid using foils in executing ombre hair technique, because foils can create strange lines of differentiation between the two differently colored parts. However, the skipping of the foil means using moister lightener as well as more volume developer at the end of the hair. In executing ombre hair technique, you need to stock extra developer and coloring board to ease the entire process and keep the lightener liquid and run well on the hair surface.

Be Creative with Ombre Hair Technique

Because ombre hair technique employs two different coloring techniques for the base and highlight, so you can expect the entire process to become a slight messy. During the entire process, you need to keep the customer’s hair moist and wet and always use small hair brush. Be creative with the technique; combine both highlight and lowlight if possible to create completely different look. And if the customer wants a haircut along with the new hair, cut off the hair before the coloring process is started so your hard work will not be wasted. Apply these tips and practice well, and soon you will be an expert of ombre hair technique.