Extremely Attractive Senegalese Twists Style You Should Definitely Try!

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What is Senegalese Twists Style?

Senegalese twists are trending and very much in style for African American women. They are also called ‘rope twists.’ The Senegalese twist style is called a ‘protective hair style’ as it allows a woman’s real hair to grow out, and the rope twists protect the real hair while it grows.

The first thing a stylist will do to start a Senegalese twist is braid the hair you choose around your real hair at the roots. Then the two strands are twisted from the root to the shaft.

There are three different types of hair that is normally used in the Senegalese twist process. The three types of hair are Kenekalon (silky), Marley (thick), and Toyokalon (light and fluffy). What type you use is dependant on your type of hair.

These awesome twists need a lot of effort and care, and with the proper amount they can last for up to sixteen weeks. It’s best to wrap your head with a scarf or towel at night to avoid damaging your hair while you sleep. There are also several products you can use on the twists as well as your scalp. You should wash your scalp and dry it to avoid the hair smelling. If it begins to get very heavy and droopy, you should visit your stylist and have him or her take the twists off and start fresh with new ones. Dropping twists can really damage your natural hair.

Please take a look at the images to see different styles, lengths, and types of Senegalese Twists. The end product is classy looking, very neat and mature, and extremely attractive! If you’re thinking about it, you should definitely try!

African, American, and thick hairstyle ombrehair orgImage source

purple half top knot bun senegalese twist hair bmodishImage source

purple big braid senegalese twist bmodishImage source

big rope twist senegalese hair bmodishImage source

half up senegalese twist hair bmodishImage source

small rope twist senegalese ponytail hairstyle bmodishImage source

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high ponytail senegalese twist hairstyle bmodishImage source

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