Straight Ombre Hair for Your Inspiration

Females often want to have long straight hair. However, without an appropriate style, the long straight hair won’t draw attention. You must pick a hairstyle that can enhance your look. Straight Ombre hair is the best options for those who look different with long straight hair. In this hairstyle, the hair root is dark while the end of the hair is lighter. If you are interested with this hairstyle, first of all you must pick colors as you desire.

Colors vary from black to brown, black to burgundy, dark brown to light brown, brown to blonde, and black to red. Hundreds of celebrities spot this hairstyle. Beyonce and Demi Lovato are two beautiful Hollywood stars who like to do evolution for their Hair. Currently they try straight Ombre hairstyle.  Their hair can be a great inspiration source as they look prettier in Ombre style.

Beyonce Straight Ombre Hair

Beyonce Knowles Straight Ombre Hairimage from

Beyonce style her hair in simply straight Ombre hair. Most people think that Beyonce likes wavy hair better than straight hair. In fact, she enjoys both. For example when she wore edgy Balmain dress in one event, she straightens her hair and styles it in layered Ombre hair. She looks sexier with cool straight Ombre and layered hair. Although she is known as an artist who frequently changes her hairstyle, she seldom changes its color. For her Ombre hair, she uses two shades of black and caramel. Sometimes she adds bangs for her Ombre hair. The other time, she tries Asymmetrical and sleek hairstyle. It looks very cool and inspiring. Do you love it?

Demi Lovato Straight Ombre Hair 

demi lovato straight ombre hair

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Another actress that sport straight Ombre hair is Demi Lovato. Her Ombre hair is simple with wispy bangs. Within this hairstyle, Demi Lovato looks very sexy with natural effects. To give a more vibrant look, she adds side ponytails. The ponytails look sexy and classic in the other side. She chooses dark brown for the roots and lighter brown for the tips. In this hairdo, she looks incredibly pretty and feminine. Keep in mind that although the hairstyle looks awesome for Demi Lovato and many other celebrities, it does not always mean that it can give the same effect for you. Many things need to be considered when choosing the right style for your hair. For example, you may look better in curly Ombre hair with other unique color.