30 Stunning Undercut Hair Designs You Will Love

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Undercut hair designs – the edgiest, most eye-catching hairstyle since the mohawk. In a typical undercut hair design, the hair at the sides or at the nape head is shaved lower than the rest to create a stylish look, but with a new burst of creativity and flair, undercut hair tattoos feature actual designs of flowers, hearts, and even symmetrical and asymmetrical lines to create an even bolder look. Much more popular with females than males, these creative undercut hair designs are taking 2016 by storm.

However, let’s face it – shaving a design into your nape or the sides of your hair may be a leap you aren’t yet ready to take. Luckily, this is the beauty of undercuts. They can be outrageously bold cuts along the side of your head, or less daring nape undercut designs that can be disguised or hidden with medium – long hair. This way, you get the toned-down look when you’re at school or work and the luxury of an edgy undercut hairstyle when you’re out on the town or hanging with friends. It’s the best of both worlds – seriously!

Here are 30 awesome undercut hair designs for whether you like it colourful, extreme or toned-down.

  1. Floral Finesse Undercut Hair Design

undercut nape design ombrehairSOURCE

Much more dramatic than many nape undercuts but still easily hidden, this mandala undercut tattoo design is perfect for a design that suits any girl. Intricately shaved to create the petals and center of a flower head, this cut is simultaneously feminine and edgy. When paired with a high bun, it’s a sure attention-grabber!

2. Creative Camouflage Undercut Hair Tattoo

undercut hair camo designSOURCE

This undercut hair tattoo is definitely not for the faint of heart. Coloured with green and shades of brown to replicate a camouflage-type print, this design stands out and demands that all eyes be on you.  If you’re working in a corporate environment this probably isn’t the best for you, but if your job allows you this kind of freedom, make the best of it with this sassy and stylish look.

3. Flirty Kiss Undercut Hair

Taper Fade With A Kiss undercut hair designSOURCE

What a simple but effective cut! Mostly a basic shave with a pop of colour in the form of luscious lips, this cute undercut is perfect to show off your playful, wild and flirty side. Tie your hair in a long ponytail or a low bun for work, and then throw it up into a high ponytail at a party or even a wedding to add a unique note to your look.

4. Textured Bombshell Undercut Hair

sunflower undercut hair designs ombrehairSOURCE

If you have curly, coily or kinky hair, don’t worry – you can rock a neat undercut too. This complex floral design on curly hair works beautifully with its texture. If you’re considering doing an undercut on your curly hair, be sure to go to a stylist or a barber with experience in dealing with your hair type. For a killer effect, place your beautiful curls into a pineapple or high puff and rock your undercut hair design effortlessly.

5. Sharp and Simple Undercut Hair

stunning undercut hair designSOURCE

If you’re considering shaving your sides as well instead of just your nape for the first time, it may be a good idea to go with a simple look that gives the same effect as a more extreme design. For instance, this single curved line defines your cut, draws attention to your facial features and lets you flaunt your natural beauty with an added edge.

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