30 Stunning Undercut Hair Designs You Will Love

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11. Cats and Colour Undercut Pastel Hair

pastel kitty undercut hair designSOURCE

This style takes both undercuts and colour to a new extreme. Forget the bold look of pastel hair: this blue and pink colour combination is a whole new ballgame. Paired with the expertly shaved kitty design at the nape, this haircut and colour is a guaranteed showstopper. All eyes will be on you, so hold your head high and work it!

12. Futuristic Lines Undercut Hair

pastel braid hair with undercut ombrehairSOURCE

Here’s another pastel and dark colour combination that works beautifully. Not only do the colours complement each other, but the simple line design adds an air of futuristic charm to your cut. The position of this undercut hair design also allows you to wear braids and longer styles while still being able to give the world a peek at your design.

13. Curly Canvas Undercut

lotus flower undercut hair design ombrehairSOURCE

Here’s yet another example of how there’s no hair type limit for undercuts. Curly hair and natural hair can do it too, and look just as awesome doing so! This floral design is a lotus, but its multi-coloured purple and yellow detail enhance its appearance and set it apart as more than just another lotus.

14. Cutie Hello Kitty Undercut Hair

hello kitty undercut side shave hair designSOURCE

Caution: this hairstyle is not for the laidback. This red and orange undercut bow design perfectly showcases your fiery, bubbly personality and your creativity. What’s more, the shaved bow almost looks exactly like the real thing – you have to really look twice to see that it isn’t, and that’s the beauty of this style.

15. Hawaiian Flower Paradise Undercut Shave Side Hair

hawaiian flower undercut hair tattooSOURCE

Wow – talk about an eye-catching design! Intricate shaved Hawaiian flowers are the star of this cut, and it’s no surprise why. The purple, yellow and white colour combination is stunning, and when paired with highlighted hair that’s either swept to one side, in a high bun or a ponytail, this shaved side is the epitome of dazzling.

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