30 Stunning Undercut Hair Designs You Will Love

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16. Cutting-edge Unusual Undercut Hair Tattoo

Graffetch Undercut Design hair ombrehairSOURCE

This design might not be like any other undercut design that you’ve seen before, but that isn’t a bad thing. If you’re the type of person who loves to go against the grain, stand out and be different, this may be the very tattoo for your hair. Colourful and highlighted with white to appear more vibrant, this uncommon design is sure to make you feel like a goddess while wearing it.

17. Subtle Glitter Bomb Undercut Hair

glitter undercut hair ombrehairSOURCE

Want a balanced mix of colour and subtlety? This glitter shaved undercut hair tattoo is your ideal choice. Asymmetrical and abstract, this design’s roughly diamond-like shape is a mystery, but that’s what makes it even more attractive!

18. Two-toned Glitter Cut Nape Undercut Hair

glitter flower undercut hair design ombrehairSOURCE

Here’s another subtle glitter look that’s made perfect by one thing – the contrasting black and light brown colours of the braided high bun. With this cut, your eyes are drawn to every colour, every shimmer and every shape for a sight that can be summed up in just one word: wow.

19. Simple Geometrical Design and Coloured Highlights Undercut

geometric undercut hair ombrehairSOURCE

If you’re looking for a laidback but charming look for your highlighted hair, this is it. Dark coloured streaks are beautiful enough on their own, but why not add a simple geometric shaved hair tattoo just to jazz things up? With this style, you’ll stand out effortlessly simply by incorporating another dimension of style into your hair.

20. Random Funky Shapes Undercut Design

double bun undercut hair ombrehairSOURCE

Here’s an undercut design for only the most free-spirited of us who are always ready to try something different! This asymmetrical mix of triangles, rectangles and sharp lines is a sure head-turner, but if you’re rocking this, you’ve already got the confidence of a model. Pair this cut with mini buns for the ultimate jaw-dropping style.

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