30 Stunning Undercut Hair Designs You Will Love

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21. Crisscrossed Lines and Pastel Braids Cute Undercut Hair

double braid bun and undercutSOURCE

In an edgy twist from horizontal or vertical lines in the same direction, these crisscrossed lines add a new and interesting element to the basic line design. When paired with these crisscrossed pastel braids leading up to a high bun, the final style is stunningly innovative. It’s sure to be something your friends have never seen before!

22. Glowing Lotus Undercut Hair Tattoo

cute sunflower undercut hair design ombrehairSOURCE

If you have naturally dark brown or black hair, this style was made for you. It combines the dark, glossy colour of your natural hair and the deep red colour of your highlights and the lotus to create an amazing colour contrast. It’s a more subtle pop of colour, but it’s just enough to take your hair from bland to brilliant.

23. Hidden Dreamcatcher Undercut Hair Tattoo

cute dreamcatcher undercut hair design ombrehairSOURCE

For the love of all things mystical, this fantastic dreamcatcher and feather hair tattoo is one of the most unique and intricate undercut designs. If you’re an avid believer in the powers of the dreamcatcher or just love the way it looks, then you’ll absolutely adore this cut. Wearing your hair up ensures that your skilful design is never hidden, though the dreamcatcher is!

24. Beauty Cubed Undercut Shaved Hair

cube undercut hair designSOURCE

What a visually satisfying geometrical design! These rows of cubes seem like an illusion, as they look like lines one moment, diamonds the next and snowflakes when you look again. As a full side cut, this design goes perfectly with a mohawk whether it’s long, short, plain or colourful. This edgy cut is sure to keep all eyes on your hair, and you’ll love every minute of it.

25. Rainbow Prism Colored Undercut Hair

colorful undercut hair ombrehairSOURCE

All the colours of the rainbow combined to make one incredibly awesome hairstyle? Yes, please! Go for a drastic colour change with this full-head rainbow dye job that’s got a sharp hot pink undercut at the nape. For even more vibrancy, highlighting the shaved lines with a bright colour can make those greens, yellows, blues and pinks pop a lot more.

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