30 Stunning Undercut Hair Designs You Will Love

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26. All Diagonal Simple Undercut Hairstyle

braid and undercut hair ombrehair orgSOURCE

Simple, fresh and clean-cut diagonal lines at the nap of your neck can be all you need for a striking undercut tattoo. To highlight this simple but chic design, braid a section of your hair in the same direction as the shaved lines for a cool uniformed effect.

27. A Mix of Tones Nape Undercut Hair

awesome nape undercut hair design ombrehairSOURCE

Highlights, lowlights, purples and blues and an undercut all in one hairstyle? That’s right – this style tests the abilities of different shades to complement each other and surely succeeds. The dark blue colour at the base of the nape stands out against the dark purple of the shaved section, and both in turn contrast greatly with the black, brown and blonde colours of the rest of the hair. One thing for certain, though: it works. This style garners all of the right attention and shows that colours don’t have to match to go well together.

28. Dramatic Glittery Mermaid Undercut Hair

awesome glitter undercut colormelt hairSOURCE

Who doesn’t secretly long for flowing, green-blue mermaid hair? Here’s a glittery twist on mermaid hair that’s sure to be a hot choice for 2016 – blue, green and pink glitter patterns on a shaved side are more than enough to spice this look up. In this look, sweeping all of your long coloured hair to one side creates a dazzling colour combination as all of your differently-coloured strands mix together. What a showstopper!

29. Simple Lotus Nape Undercut Hair Design

amazing lotus undercut hair design ombrehairSOURCE

Though not as colourful as the next lotus design, this plain lotus is just as attractive. Its design shows the side view of a lotus flower, a refreshing change from the common open faced lotus that’s all the rage in the world of hair tattoos. This is another one of those designs that’s geared towards a laidback, subtle undercut, and it definitely does not miss the mark.

30. Simple Triangle Undercut Summer Hair

undercut summer hair ombrehairSOURCE

Summer is finally here, and with the sun in full effect, it’s best to take as much advantage of it as you can. Dark brown hair with golden-brown highlights goes perfectly with the sun, seeming to almost glow when the light hits it. For hair this colour, a simple undercut pattern is all you need to put on a show. Your hair colour and the cut’s design work well to create the desired effect, and you’ll be soaking up that sun in style in no time.

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