What Colour Should You Ombre Dye Your Hair?

Ombre hair dyeing is a hair colouring trend that has taken the fashion world by storm and is being touted as the hottest and most happening of hair trends in this year. With many celebrities sporting the ombre dyed look, all the ladies out there are eager to try out this sexy hair colouring technique for themselves, but are sceptical about what colours should be used or are perplexed about what can suit them when they are considering going the ombre dyed way.

Ombre Dye According To Your Skin Tone

Another reason why people are getting attracted towards this method of styling, because it is relatively low maintenance and does not require you to run to the salon ever so often! However there are some things to be kept in mind before you decide to ombre dye your hair. First things first, you need to pick shades that will compliment your skin tone and will also add that zing to your wardrobe. You also need to consider the kind of profession that you are in, before you decide to go bold with the shades.

If you are dark skinned you may prefer to go for the darker shades of colours, like the deep reds or browns. For those who are pale skinned and light eyed, you may consider getting golden or caramel tones or even a subdued blonde look. Some people however want to go really bold and use colours like violent, pink, blue and purple as well, as you may have seen many rock stars and teen idols sport. But before you get all influenced, think about your future aspirations as well!

ombre hair color inspirations
ombre hair color inspirations

Do’s And Don’ts of Ombre Dyeing

If you are however very keen on going the ombre way and are trying out hair colour for the very first time, do not go drastic all at once. By going drastic it means you have very obvious two tones to your hair. Instead you should consider the more subtle look that gradually moves from one shade to the other. You may even consider two to three shades depending upon your complexion.

When you are deciding on the shades of colour, the lightest colour you should choose should be at least 3-4 shades that are lighter than the darkest colour that will be visible on your hair. Only then will it have the desired ombre effect. Also remember everybody’s hair is different, and it may take more than one colouring session for you to get the proper ombre dyed effect. Ombre dyed hair only looks nice if it has the natural look and feel to it and there is a proper balance of colours.

Lastly but perhaps the most important point to remember about ombre dyed hair is that it does require some maintenance. Although it may be relatively lower in maintenance than many other hair styles that are in vogue today, you may still need some touch ups in year. Also ombre dyed hair has the tendency to dry out pretty easily, so in order to keep your hair looking healthy and well nourished, you do need to visit a salon once in a while.